Scooter: tricycle or four-wheel variant?

Each scooter has a seat and a handlebar, a footboard and wheels – but here are the biggest differences. Senior Mobile is available as a tricycle and as four-wheel design; the Customer has free choice. A tricycle scooter as e Lobil has, have its advantages, but also the four-wheelers convince – depending on the habits and demands that are placed on the scooter. What is important is a certain practicality of the vehicle but this does not measure up to the possibilities of vehicle production, but according to the habits of the driver. Two people who set up an electric vehicle for their errand trips can feel completely different electric cars suitable for everyday use. This is due to their different neighborhoods, their different body weight, but also the handicap, which is based on the purchase of the scooter.


Tricycle scooter: agile and easy

With a tricycle scooter you can enjoy a greater maneuverability – both outdoor operation, as well as in use within a dwelling. The flexibility of the models of E Lobil shows up in the roadworthy, high-performance equipment for outdoors: gradients, for example, in Model C 303 to at least 12 percent can be tackled; a good lighting system including a clearly visible indicator is standard equipment. In the apartment, the single front wheel is to highlight, because narrow corners and complicated maneuvers are completed by the tricycle concept now once much easier than with the wheel. The fourth wheel and a different structure of the steering are additional weight by the way: The tricycle is usually easier than his colleague with four-wheel system, which affects speed, range and maneuverability.


Four wheel scooter: stability and ride comfort

The four-wheel especially convincing in the terrain by a higher stability. Although anti-tilt fuses are installed in the tricycle, stands and you drive on four wheels but safer, for example, over curbs, in a rugged terrain or on cobblestones. Whoever thought about that yet, which variant of electric vehicles is more meaningful for him, can indeed look at the other technical details of the various models. Thus, a possible high payload, an especially generous coverage or some other factor plays may then but a role in the purchase decision. The comparison of technical data in the online shop way easier to compare than everywhere else Easy Data Sheets.

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